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black widow 008


black widow 008

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Reboot concept art by Mike Jackson

excuse u

A shame only one of those ended up on the show.

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Original cover art by George Perez from Wonder Woman #9, published by DC Comics, October 1987.

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Damian, my man, what happened to you?!



Either that or we’re getting a Pet Semetary plot and Bruce is going to be told to “let go” because Damian’s now a monster and we’re all gonna die a little more inside because DC wipes it’s ass with our favorite characters.

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Wow! Just… woooooooooow! Phil Jimenez draws Dick Grayson taking a selfie… and it is a thing of divinely inspired beauty.

Posted on his (Phil’s that is, not Dick’s) Facebook page

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So, Dick Grayson with blond hair looks just like John Smith from Pochohontas.

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Hello Hello by victorreno

I love them so much ^

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Natalia + Bucky

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How Superman Serials Crippled the KKK

On June 10, 1946, a Superman radio serial, Clan of the Fiery Cross, began airing across the U.S. The serial was a deliberate attempt on the part of the writers and producers to put a dent in the post-war resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan.

According to DangerousMinds.net, the serial’s sixteen episodes “exposed many of the KKK’s most guarded secrets, including code words and rituals. The Klan relied a great deal on an inscrutable air of menace and mystery, and the Superman serial stripped the Klan of that mystique utterly. Almost overnight, the Klan’s recruitment efforts began drying up completely.”

To read the rest of this amazing TRUE STORY, click here.

Now that’s fighting for truth and justice!

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Pulp & Goldenage Web Comics Free Samples - Scifi, Fantasy, Romance and More!

If you’re like me and love classic literature and pulp novels, I can’t recommend the digital comic books available through edgarriceburroughs.com enough.

The digital comic subscription service costs $1.99 US a month and the comics are updated weekly (just like classic newspaper strips.) and includes access to all of the comics on the system, based on the legendary works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. These include an ongoing adaption of TARZAN OF THE APES, KORAK THE KILLER, and the classic TARZAN comic series.

As a bonus for subscribers you can also see original sketches and artwork from the artists. They’re all officially licensed through ERB inc. and I definitely recommend subscribing and supporting the creators of these comics.

With all the reboots and re-imaginings currently dominating the larger comic companies, these comics ooze nostalgia and might inspire your love for comics and classic storytelling again.

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Where, exactly, did this Cyborg go.

It goes to show you, you are the superhero team you join, i.e JLA: Home Of Superpowered Jerks…I wonder if anyone at DC even remembers both the New Teen Titans and friggin’ Batman telling the JLA to go screw themselves back in the day.

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I wish DC still knew how to create cartoons (and comics) I liked.
Check out Xum Yukinori;s site for more DC art: http://xum-yukinori.blogspot.com/

This is awesome. And kind of hurts. But it’s still awesome!

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little demon boy

Batman and Robin Vol. 1 #9

Hmmm… I’d always assumed that Dick Grayson didn’t have a Gotham accent, since he wasn’t from Gotham (Thank you New 52 messing THAT up) but Robin DID have a Gotham accent. Changing his accent would be an easy way to split the two identities.

I always thought this was a joke about American accents vs English accents.

Although icon’s idea sounds good. Now that I think more about it, Dick would have had some kind of accent. We tend not to notice them in ourselves, but I remember how when I went to undergrad in the mid-Atlantic region someone (with a good ear) immediately identified that I was from farther west (even though I couldn’t tell much difference).

I’m guessing by what people are saying that the Gotham accent is rather broad and more easily identifiable than some other accents? The Gotham accent is NYC-ish? Or stereotypical New Jersey?

Considering Dick spent most of his developmental years, (until he was nine or so) in Haley’s Circus, it would be fascinating to imagine the type of mixed accent he would have had. John Grayson was meant to have been from the Romani people and Mary Grayson was American, and most of the performers in Haley’s would have come from different backgrounds and cultures.

We don’t know how Dick’s schooling was, or who taught him in the circus school, or how his accent would have been different from any conventional accent, American or otherwise.

Gotham is usually located near Philadelphia in the DC universe, so gradually Dick’s accent would adapt to the East Coast style as he got older. (Which actually sounds more like original British, since the Puritans settled there.) But I have a suspicion Dick’s original accent might have been difficult to always understand. Especially given the word use in “circus language” which was also inflected with a lot of Romanian and foreign terminology.

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It’s official! Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been renewed for a second season…AND Marvel’s Agent Carter has been picked up to series. We’ll have more news on both, very soon. But for right now, #StandWithSHIELD and thank you, Marvelites.

(And yes, we just screencapped Marvel.com for this post. Blame agentmlovestacos)

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